It is said in the social media that Mr. Trump’s phenomenon is a manifestation of the deeply rooted racism and bigotry in the American society. Although this might be partially true within certain groups in certain geographical areas that are overshadowed by history and other factors, the vast majority of American people, especially in the areas of enlightenment, is quite the opposite. 
    Racism and bigotry are not confined to such groups. They are central factors to the problems, conflicts, and destruction in many parts of the world. However, while it appears that they primarily emanate from ignorance and backwardness fueled by religious and social institutions in other parts of the world, in America they emanate from fear fueled by opportunist politicians who manipulate this fear to their political advantage. For this reason, the supporters of Mr. Trump deserve my sympathy. They are victims of exploitation. Had they known this fact, or once they do somehow, they will return to the masses of good Americans.
    As Americans, we pride ourselves of being an exceptional nation. America is a distinctive human experience, or experiment, that endeavors to establish and sustain a republic that embraces all. By virtue of its human nature, it has been full of mistakes throughout. However, what is unique about America is that it makes mistakes, learns from them, and moves forward. We have moved from practicing the worst form of slavery in the history of humanity, to being the # 1 advocate of human rights and equality; from discriminating against the Jews, Irish and Italians, to the # 1 in equal opportunity; etc. 
    Perhaps it is time to make new mistakes, learn from them, and move forward – though the destination this time might not be so pleasant. Mr. Trump is probably the perfect candidate to give us that opportunity. However, this time the magnitude and consequences of such mistakes can be far reaching. An interesting difference between now and the past is that the US has now established itself as the world leader, not only politically, economically and militarily, but also as a moral authority and a melting pot for the whole world with all its cultures, religions, and races.
In his book entitled The Clash of Civilizations, the late Dr. Huntington warned of a clash between Christianity and Islam. Needless to highlight the dire consequences of such a clash on the whole world, or may be the future of humanity, if it takes place. To preserve the human civilization, and existence, that we share today, we need to maintain sanity.
    Despite the mistakes we made over the last two decades, America is, until now, the center of the world. Leadership equals responsibility not only on the part of the government, but, more importantly, on the people who choose such a government. I hope that my fellow Americans, as citizens of the greatest country on earth, realize the fact that such privilege is not a free ride. Our choices will have worldwide consequences that would either sustain such a privilege, or fire back on us big time.
     We may either make a sane, wise choice that would sustain our world leadership, or one that would take us to the club of Banana Republics and leave the stage for China and Russia to lead the world!