Exodus From Sudan

 As his debut on the fiction and memoir genres, The "Exodus From Sudan" describes an incident in 1976 when military and security forces raided their house in Sudan following the arrest of his father on political grounds, and ultimately led to his migration at an early age. The stakes were high. To remain in the country with the potential of facing his father’s ordeal, or leave the country until democracy is restored – a hope that never materialized and his migration became permanent to include his wife and children.

The story sheds some light on the political oppression in Sudan, its repercussions in terms of mass migrations across the globe throughout the last four decades and gives a glimpse on the social impacts of such migration.
    His personal experience as an immigrant in the new world struggling to provide a better and secure life for his wife and children imply the stereotypes occasionally faced by Muslim Americans, and how effective human interaction could be. Sideways, the story depicts the role that the younger generation plays in changing the perceptions of their parents.

A true story on oppression, migration, and struggle blended with contemplations and insightful cues.