Hybrid version of “How to Write an Essay”

كيف تكتبون مقالا – دليل لطلبة إدارة الأعمال

Arab students studying Business Management in English, especially those who completed their K-12 education in Arabic schools, face significant challenges in transitioning from Arabic to English in their studies of the various management subjects. Such challenges prevail particularly when students are required to respond to open-ended, essay-type exam questions or are tasked with preparing college papers in English. In addition to the writing challenges that are common to all, regardless of the language, and which the book also discusses, the language barrier constitutes a significant added one.  

  Currently under revision, his book is intended to fill an untapped gap and provide a technique that addresses the common writing challenges and helps Arab students transition smoothly from Arabic to English in their studies of the various business management domains. The hybrid English-Arabic content of the book fosters the students’ ability to understand the various concepts in both languages. In addition, the Practical Lexicon within the book provides students with a list of the most commonly used business management terms and concepts presented also in a hybrid form to facilitate the transition.